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First Draft Lottery Dec 1, 1969

CBS News Lottery Draft 1969

On December 1st, 1969 the Selective Service System held its first of several draft lotteries, to determine the order of call to service for the United States armed forces, specifically for men born between 1944 and 1950. The draft lottery only spurred the anti-war movement further, as many draft-eligible men could now see their fate with a significant amount of time beforehand. Furthermore, the lottery only drew more attention to what many believed was a completely unjust draft process, one that preyed “against low-education, low-income, underprivileged members of society” (Fisher 59). Many of those wishing to avoid service in Vietnam opted to join the National Guard, which hypothetically ensured they would never step foot in Southeast Asia. Despite a few alternate options for young men being drafted into the military service, many simply chose to face their legal punishment for refusing the call, while thousands of others left the country all together, only to return in the mid-1970s following the end of conflict in Vietnam.