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"King without a Castle"

When the Vestiges of Natural Creation was originally published in 1844 over seas in London, people were quick to noticed that this book had no author. People had strong criticism regarding the Vestiges of Natural History of Creation, but no one to send their opinion to. The book was groundbreaking at the time because it proposed ideas that went against may popularly held beliefs about how humans came to be-- the popular belief being creationism at the time. This one one of the yearly books that explored the thought that flora, fauna, and human beings adapted to their environments over time. Seeing as the book was published about 20 some years before Darwin had published his own creation, The Origin of Species, the Theory of Natural Selection and Evolution had not come to fruition, and Chamber's book paved the way to a new way of thinking around the world.

Many speculated who the author may have been when the book was originally published in 1844, but there was little to no information out there for people to try and connect Chambers to the book. People like Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin were accused of writing the Vestiges of Natural History of Creation, but both came forth to announce that neither Lyell nor Darwin had published it. The political cartoons to the left-hand side show the Vestiges as being somewhat of an Orphan in the world of scientific studies because it had no one to support it other than its own two legs so to speak. It was only until after Chamber's death, that it was known that he was the sole author of the Vestiges of Natural History of Creation.